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DataTrading gives retail traders an access to hi-tech. Since now neural networks and machine learning are at your service.

AI based screener

AI screener will help you to find the best entry points among all available pairs on the platform (170+ crypto pairs at the moment)

Trade adviser

If you don’t have your own trading strategy the DataTrading Adviser will help you to go through all stages of a successful deal: from buy to hold and sell

Crypto story

Hourly signals

All signals for every trading pair on the platform are updated every hour 24/7.

Binance support

DataTrading screener and Trade adviser are currently supporting all trading pairs to USDT (19 pairs) and to BTC (170+ pairs) from Binance, other exchanges is on the way

Stock story

Daily signals

All stock signals are updated every trading day according to the market calendar and trading hours.

Nasdaq & NYSE assistance

The platform delivers signals for the U.S. equity markets. About 8.000 signals for stocks, indices and ETFs are in your hands.

Backtesting results

DataTrading AI-based signals profitability was tested in numerous backtesting models. We offer you a trading strategy that brings profit higher than that of the market average on both rising and falling markets

Stock market

Backtesting based on 10 years’ worth of data:
candles analized
avg monthly profitability
financial instruments
generated signals
total trades
trades per month

Crypto market

Backtesting based on 9 months’ worth of data:
candles analized
avg monthly profitability
generated signals
total trades
trades per month

Coming soon

China’s stock markets
Portfolio manager
Advanced trading adviser
The DataTrading platform evolves very fast. In the next 3 months we are going to release AI Screener for Chinese stock markets (Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges). Simultaneously we will roll out a portfolio manager. Personal backtester (April 2019) will be another big step in our story. Finally in June we’re planning to launch an advanced trading adviser.


Our team has over 7 years of experience working with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In 2013 we founded DataProm integrating Big Data in e-commerce. In 2014 we launched DataScoring that conducted banking scoring based on AI. Finally, in 2017 we rolled out SportLab that is also based on AI technology and generates sports predictions.
1Q 2015
DataTrading foundation
Nov 2017
Running an ICO (successfully finished in February 2018)
Dec 2018
DataTrading 1.0 release: AI screener+trading adviser for crypto and stock exchanges
Mar 2019
Portfolio optimization manager
May 2019
Aug 2019
Advanced personal Trading adviser

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New customers have a chance to try the platform and make sure that DataTrading is a useful and profitable trading tool.
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Adaptive design

We care about our customers and their device favors. So we developed an adaptive design that makes the platform flexible and convenient at any time and place. Our analytical tools look nice everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

For now you can only pay for the DataTrading services with DTT tokens that can be purchased on cryptoexchanges (for example, ForkDelta)

Once per hour

The industry of Trade Advisers is primarily focused on technical indicators while DataTrading is using advanced technologies (AI, machine learning, deep Learning, Ensemble of Neural Networks) in all its products. Thus, the role of the human being in self-learning systems is minimized, the system is very autonomous. Almost every trader is familiar with technical indicators and uses them for decision-making. Thus, the profitability of technical indicators is insufficient. The DataTrading system is based on unique algorithms which raise the profit level higher than that of the market level.

We strongly advise all our users NOT to follow both the Screener and Adviser at the same time on any specific instrument. You can still use AI Screener on one instrument and Trade Adviser on the other.

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